Who Is Rugiet Health?

The company that
brought you Rugiet Ready
continues to disrupt the
world of Pharmaceuticals

Rugiet Health is the company that brought you Rugiet Ready, a compounded E.D. treatment distributed by board-certified doctors through our telehealth system.
Rugiet Health is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry by making medicine personal. We make customized compounded treatments. Compounded pharmaceuticals take multiple pharmaceutical ingredients and formulate them into one product. Why is that important? The customizable nature of compounded pharmaceuticals allows for a more personalized and optimized treatment. 

Our compounding pharmacies are USA-licensed and easily adhere to the strict standards of operation that are required by state and federal law. At Rugiet Health, we operate on the ground that cutting corners when it comes to healthcare is unacceptable. We are here because you deserve better. 

A silver pack of Rugiet Ready

Before Rugiet Health

The year was 1998 – Viagra hit the market and took the world by storm. In 2003, Cialis, also known as “the weekend pill,” became a tremendously popular way to treat E.D. because it worked (upon stimulation) for up to 36 hours (aka: the whole weekend).  It changed everything.  

While Viagra and Cialis were one-of-a-kind inventions of their time, let's not forget how long ago they were invented in the context of medical advancement. In pill form, these medications are slow to onset and can be inconsistent with results. Their patents have since expired, and while extensive amounts of discoveries in the medical world have been made, the same generic versions of Viagra and Cialis circulate the market at higher prices disguised in modern branded packaging. Not only are these modern brands still using 1998/2003 treatment formulas, but they haven’t even touched upon the unpredictable onset time, which can drag out to 60 minutes or longer. 

The Birth of a Breakthrough
Rugiet Health is a perfect example of traditional ingenuity in the world of modern medicine. The company was founded by four best friends from college, each of whom grew to excel in their respective career paths: the pharmacist, the doctor, the engineer, and the investor.  After inventor and pharmacist, Ken Bains, created a sublingual compound of sildenafil and tadalafil, the soon-to-be founders knew that all bets were off –this was going to change everything. So, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.  

Together, they took a good long look at what services were available to dispense E.D. medication. They were shocked by how low the bar was. All existing options had little to no customer care and relied heavily on shame-based marketing that labeled visits to your doctor as “awkward.” Others perpetuate the stigma of E.D. as if it’s something that is embarrassing and hush-hush, even though it happens to most men at some point in their lives.  

The founders all agreed –if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. So, they built an advanced, secure tech platform and contracted a network of board-certified doctors to prescribe this revolutionary product in a dignified way. This masterpiece is the result of blood, sweat, tears, and intrinsic motivation to make a positive change in medicine and the care of the individual.  

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